13 school students tested positive for drugs from unknown sweets

Ha Long City in Quang Ninh Province on October 26 imposed a fine of US$87.6 on a local coffee shop where a school student claimed to have acquired sweets of unknown origin which caused 13 students to be hospitalized and tested positive for psychoactive drugs.
Allegedly, the student who shared the confectioneries among their peers said they had taken them from a coffee shop where their cousin works, located in Hoanh Bo ward, Ha Long City, owned by a woman named Hoang Thi Dung.
Ha Long City’s Health Department promptly launched an inspection into the premises but did not find the aforementioned sweets. Local authorities instead fined the facility for violating food safety rules, specifically due to the people preparing the food and drinks kept their nails long and did not wear gloves when in direct contact with the food.
City police managed to determine that the confectioneries were candy bars originating from the US, extracted from cannabis plants and usually consumed as a prescribed supplement. The facility owner had kept them in a box since they did not have a use for them, and was unaware that they were taken by the student.
The incident was ruled not a criminal case relating to drugs. Ha Long City Police and relevant units would continue to complete reports according to regulations.

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