PM directs to suspend flights from UK, S.Africa over Covid-19 variant concern

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc decided to temporarily suspend inbound flights from countries with new Covid-19 variants, initially Britain and South Africa until further notice over Covid-19 variant concern.

PM directs to suspend flights from UK, S.Africa over Covid-19 variant concern

In his direction 01.CT-TTg on prevention and fighting against Covid-19, the PM asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work with the ministries of health, transport to verify what nations reporting cases with new Covid-19 variant to apply the new rule.
Before, the Ministry of Health has proposed to ban all flights and halt issuance of visas for tourists from the UK following the discovery of a new variant of SARS-COV-2, which is said to spread faster than old ones.
Also in his direction, PM Phuc requested the Ministry of Defence to liaise with the Ministry of Public Security and people’s committees in provinces in borderlines to tighten monitoring of illegal immigration especially paying attention to trails and seaways.
Under his direction, the Ministry of Defense and people’s committees must keep an eye on people returning from foreign countries in quarantine wards as well as those who have finished 14-day quarantine as per the regulation to prevent spread of the disease from the isolation ward to the community because of relaxed behavior.
The Ministry should consider foreigners who wish to come back their countries as well as provide assistance to old people, patients, students, low-income people.
The PM required the ministries of health, public security, defense and people’s committees in cities and provinces to trace close contacts with Covid-19 people as soon as possible to curb spread of the disease to the community.
The Ministry of Public Security must handle and take criminal proceedings against illegal immigrants as well as those organizing immigration without permission and those disobey quarantine regulations.
Local administration must take heed of isolation regulation and conduct medical check-up after quarantine period. Moreover, local administrators must monitor donning facemasks in public places and issue fines on those who don’t wear facemasks and ban all gatherings.
Furthermore, local governments must increase supervision of implementation of preventative measures in organizations, residential quarters, companies, supermarkets, railway and bus stations, schools , hospitals. Leaders of these places are held accountable if the disease occurs.
Media should broadcast more information of the disease to raise people’s awareness of the deadly virus as well as encourage people to follow the Ministry of Health’s guidance including wearing facemasks and health declaration. In addition, people are advised to report those violating the regulation to local administrations.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Anh Quan

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