Jetstar Pacific achieves int’l operational safety audit registration

Jetstar Pacific Airlines was registered under the international operation safety audit (IOSA) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), said the airline yesterday.

Jetstar Pacific achieves int’l operational safety audit registration

The low-cost airline has been added to the list of airlines that have received the IOSA registration of IATA.
The airline cleared over hundreds standards and recommended practices outlined in the program to get the certification.
Jetstar Pacific chief executive officer Nguyen Quoc Phuong said that strict obedience to the aviation and IOSA’s regulations showed that Jetstar Pacific places passengers aircrew in all flights.
The IOSA Program is internationally recognized for its safety evaluation system, designed to assess the operational management and control of safety standards within an airline. The Program helps airlines improve operations and reduce the number of operational audits that are conducted. The companies are included in the IOSA registry for a period of 2 years following an audit carried out by an organization accredited by IATA.


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