Vietnam determined to promote science and technology

Vietnam is determined to promote science and technology as the country is entering its turning point in the development process, said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at a meeting organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology to mark its 60th founding anniversary and to receive the First Labor Medal yesterday.

Vietnam determined to promote science and technology

Researches have shown that science and technology is key factor for long-term sustainable development and determinant to help the Southeast Asian nation to escape average income to arise.
Reality proves many countries without natural resources still develop. Vietnam can follow suit.
Accordingly, Vietnam must, as PM Phuc said, continue mobilizing all resources especially human’s creativeness and intelligence making breakthroughs in researches and startup growth as well as combine technological applications in several sectors and fields.
To achieve the goal, there should be close cooperation between the government and the society in promoting science and technology. Government has prioritized progress in science and technology by carrying out synchronous solutions to aspire passion on doing researches and as well as drastic acts to push up science and technology growth in the coming time.
On behalf of the government and the Party, PM Phuc granted the First Labor Medal to the Minister of Science and Technology for its achievement in the country’s growth.
Along with the anniversary ceremony, the Ministry also organized an exhibition titled “ Science and Technology’s Achievements in 60 years” comprising of two sections; one with 55 booths of startup enterprises to show their products and another section to display history and development of the country’s science and technology.

By TRAN BINH – Translated by ANH QUAN

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