Viber community officially introduced in Vietnam

Viber, one of the popular communication applications on mobile devices, officially introduced its community in Vietnam yesterday in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). This signals its promising return with more services for users.

Viber has come back to Vietnam after many years

Viber has come back to Vietnam after many years

“Vietnam is a very potential market to us. Right at its debut, Viber has become one of the major choices of the Vietnamese to keep in contact with others. It is now our honor to introduce the international Viber Community to the Vietnamese market”, said Anubhav Nayyar, Head of the Marketing and Business Development of Viber in the Southeast Asian area.

In this event, Viber presented its Beauty Community, Pet Lover Community, and Football Community, which are now taking full advantage of all features serviced by Viber to connect and manage their groups.

Thanks to Viber’s new features, members of these communities can access all the history of their groups and participate in group talks using such actions for messages like inserting GIF, stickers, photos, video along with the traditional text. All these are approved by the group’s administrator.

Viber ensures the confidentiality of all users in that their phone numbers will be hidden from other members’ view. The only information available in the chat room is members’ names.

Senior administrators of the community will monitor the roles of all members. They can add new members and assign anyone administrator or senior one, ban or block members if needed, and decide which members are allowed to participate in which conversations or invite new people into the community.

Senior administrators can develop their community more and change its status to public by providing link sharing, or they can hide it at any time. They can also activate the feature to earn money in accordance with the community’s policy and goals. Viber, in this case, will help to boost the revenues.

Senior administrators can assign junior ones the task of helping them censoring conversations via the option of erasing one or all messages of any member, pinning notes to guide conversations. Administrators can add or remove members when needed.

By KIM THANH – Translated by Thanh Tam

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