IT businesses strictly observe ‘3 on-site’ rule to prevent Covid-19 spreading


In order to comply with the Prime Minister’s Directive 16, many IT businesses in Ho Chi Minh City are following the ‘3 on-site’ or ‘2-terminal’ operation models both to safeguard their employees’ health and to maintain normal working activities, in hope of fulfilling the dual target set forth by the municipal authorities.

IT enterprises in HCMC strictly observe ‘3 on-site’ rule to prevent Covid-19 spread  ảnh 1 FPT has used online conference with its clients since the early stage of the pandemic.

Deputy General Director of TMA Solutions shared that his company has applied the work-from-home model since May, and thus feeling at ease when HCMC enters the social distance period. Thanks to experience gained from the previous year confronting the Covid-19 pandemic, all the staff is well equipped to maintain normal operations even at home.

Swiss Post Solutions Ltd is a business specializing in data processing and complex IT service provision. At present, 90 percent of its staff is working from home. The rest follows the ‘3 on-site’ model when staying at the company since certain projects cannot be access at home due to confidential nature. This business is actively using popular IT channels like Intranet, BeeKeeper, and the social network for ease of information access and communication.

Due to the sensitive nature of its work, DIGI-TEXX Ltd cannot allow its staff to work from home, and therefore has set up sufficient items (personal and bedding stuff, essential commodities) for all 100 employees to comfortably work at the company under the ‘3 on-site’ rule.

Being a large IT enterprise with over 4,000 employees, VNG has soon prepared necessary devices and procedures for most of its staff to work from home since June1. With departments that requires operation at company like security and datacenter, VNG also apply the -3 on-site’ rule for about 30 technicians to ensure medical safety.

In a similar state is FPT, which has actively and effectively coped with challenges in this complex outbreak, resulting in a stable profit increase of 21 percent in the first 6 months this year.

“Digital transformation process is one of the key factors helping our company to be more active and flexible when facing obstacles arisen in this outbreak. We are now ready to help others launch suitable IT platforms for their management and pandemic prevention tasks”, said its PR representative.

However, according to Le Thi Bich Loan, Vice Chairwoman of the Management Board of Saigon Hi-tech Park (SHTP), the situation of enterprises in the park is not that optimistic. Only about 40 out of 100 businesses here can observe the ‘3 on-site’ model’ for absolutely essential operations. Others are seriously concerned about unexpected cost to set up a site for a large number of employees since the nature of their job is direct work at company. They are also worried about the negative effects on their export products.

Intel Products Ltd in SHTP is implementing both the ‘3 on-site’ and ‘2 terminals’ models for their main workforce. Nevertheless, those already registering for the second model sometimes stay in medical lockdown areas and cannot go to work, leading to a serious labor shortage for stable manufacturing activities. Therefore, the company hopes that the municipal authorities soon introduce a more flexible solution for these cases.

By Ba Tan – Translated by Huong Vuong

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