Flights to or from Northern region may be impacted by dense fog

Vietnam Airlines has just proposed its customers pay attention to their travel plans due to bad weather in the Northern region.
Flights to or from Northern region may be impacted by dense fog  ảnh 1 Dense fog covers airports in the Northern region.
According to the National Center for Hydrology Meteorological Forecasting, the current weather in the Northern region often has dense fog and scattered drizzle.
The bad weather could limit the vision and affect the landing at Noi Bai airport and other airports in Thanh Hoa and Vinh. Therefore, the flight schedules of the airlines could be changed in accordance with the weather situation to ensure the flights' safety.
To ensure the passengers’ benefits, Vietnam Airlines will serve the meal and drink at the waiting room for passengers traveling on delayed flights from two hours. At the same time, the national flag carrier shall also perform the financial support for road fees being applicable with canceled flights due to bad weather.

Vietnam Airlines suggested that its customers having plans of traveling to and from the airports in the Northern region in the current time should regularly monitor and update the weather situation, flights schedule information to proactively implement their travel plans.

Earlier, on January 23, 25 flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi had to adjust the departs schedule as flights could not land in Hanoi due to dense fog. 

By Bich Quyen – Translated by Huyen Huong

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