Vietnam to optimize chicken raising to compensate loss from ASF

Speaking at a yesterday meeting on pushing up poultry husbandry with orientation of export organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong said Vietnam enhances poultry raising while African Swine Fever is plaguing the livestock industry.

Vietnam to optimize chicken raising to compensate loss from ASF

However, he noted that chicken raising should be planned, especially the sector should develop biological technology in breeding and forecast market demand to avoid oversupply.
In regard to detailed plan in 2019, economists proposed locality authorities to have policies to assist breeders, farm owners and enterprises and the time ahead is to re-raise to cover the possible pork shortage in the year – end due to African Swine Fever.
Deputy Head of MARD's Animal Husbandry Department Nguyen Van Trong said that Vietnam holds huge potential of poultry farming because of domestic high demand with the population of nearly 100 million excluding export demand.
According to the Animal Husbandry Department leader, for past years, the number of fowls in the country averagely sees an annual rise of more than 6 percent with the output of poultry over one million tons and the number of eggs of 11 billion.
Presently, current trends in consumption of animal products has shown that pork makes up 65 percent in Vietnamese meals while the rate of chicken in meals is just 20 percent; accordingly, pushing up breeding of chicken both meet domestic consumption demand and for export.
However, in regard of poultry export, economists said a detailed strategy to push up other poultry processing products including swift breeding, processed chicken and processed products from eggs.
According to the Department of Animal Health, 23 cities and provinces have reported African Swine Fever culling 73,000 pigs.

By VAN PHUC - Translated by DANG MINH

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