Social resources mobilized to combat African Swine Fever:

African Swine Fever outbreak has spread to 447 communes in 84 districts of 21 provinces and cities, and as many as 65,000 pigs had been infected and culled so far, according to the Department of Animal Health’s report at the National steering committee’s first meeting on the prevention and control of African Swine Fever (ASF) on March 26.

Social resources mobilized to combat African Swine Fever:

In the meeting, all participants agreed to submit a proposal to call for social resources and political system to combat the disease to the Government.
Apart from the comprehensive ASF prevention measures, the committee should assist breeders to get a loan and re-raise new hog herds after the disease was put under control in order to ensure enough pork supply for the market at the end of 2019, according to Deputy Director General of Agricultural Economy Department Le Van Minh.
Livestock production makes great contribution to agriculture sector and a large number of pig breeders take out bank loans to run their farms, therefore, measures must be taken to relieve debt for them, said Deputy Director General Le Van Minh.
In the meeting, delegates predicted that it took a long time to eliminate the disease, so the steering committee should set up proper regulations that allows member agencies to tighten cooperation and mobilize resources effectively.
Moreover, the committee send a proposal for sustainable livestock production methods to the Government and the Prime Minister.

By PHUC HAU - Translated by LINH TRAN

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