Rate of disabled Vietnamese people likely to be upward : national survey

Currently, over seven percent of the country’s population from two years old up, or roughly more than 6.2 million Vietnamese, live with a disability, reported the General Statistics Office of Vietnam.

Rate of disabled Vietnamese people likely to be upward : national survey

The report was based on the survey carried out by the General Statistics Office of Vietnam under the Ministry of Planning and Investment.
The large-scale survey released yesterday said nearly 12 million people have relatives with disabilities. Disability rates in the population is likely to increase along with ageing people.
Also according to the survey, families with disabled members are usually poorer.
Worse, kids with disability have less opportunity for pursuit of schools then their peers and disabled adults have little opportunity than non-disabled persons.
In spite of the fact that persons with disabilities enjoy gratis health insurance policy and access to medical services in grass-root facilities, just 2,3 percent of them get access to rehabilitation when ill or wounded.
Moreover, there has been social inequality in standard of living and social integration of handicapped persons.
The survey result has shown that most disabled children suffer psychologically handicapped condition which deter them from integration into social activities.
Opportunity of schooling pursuit of disabled children is much little than their non-disabled peers, according to the survey.
Additionally, the schooling opportunity is gradually less than in higher education.
For instance, just one third of disabled kids can receive education at their exact school-age.
Plus, just 2 percent of primary and junior high schools have designed suitable curriculum with special students and around one seventh schools have teachers trained in teaching disabled students.
The UNICEF-technologically assisted survey aims to assess the country’s population and socio-economic condition for policy-making to improve living condition of Vietnamese handicapped people.

By ANH PHUONG - Translated by Hai Son

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