Quang Ngai installs cameras to catch people littering

Angry at environmental pollution in the Quynh Luu dam in Binh Chau Commune, locals voluntarily contributed to install cameras for catching people who litter

Quang Ngai installs cameras to catch people littering

For tens of years, inhabitants in the commune have suffered serious environmental pollution. Litter has seen everywhere from beach, canals and shrimp raising pond causing stench in the air.
In spite of the commune administrations’ effort in cleaning up the environment, the situation maintained. Angry residents voluntarily donated VND144.5 million ($6,226) to build barriers in the dam, entrepôt landfill and installing cameras to catch litter droppers. Cameras are proved to be effective.
Cameras are connected to the computer of a village man. He sends the image of litter droppers to the village chief who imposes penalties on violators. So far , just one villager has received warns from the village chief.
Additionally, Binh Chau commune People’s Committee also set up a voluntary waste collection team.
Binh Chau Commune Party Secretary Le Van Nguyen said that each household contributes VND25,000 a month for the team while the People’s Committee of the commune spends for transportation of litter to the waste treatment plant everyday.


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