PM orders to remedy environmental incident after Rang Dong blaze

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc yesterday asked Hanoi People’s Committee and competent agencies to remedy environmental incident after a huge blaze in Rang Dong Light Source & Vacuum Flask in the end of August.

PM orders to remedy environmental incident after Rang Dong blaze

The office of the Government announced the PM order in a document sent to the agencies yesterday.
The PM asked the Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee to work with the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment and relevant agencies to quickly implement measures to minimize bad consequences.
Residents’ safety must be a top priority for competent agencies during supervising implementation of measures to remedy the environmental hazard, the office wrote in the document.
Additionally, competent agencies ought to probe the cause of the fire and issue penalties on violations of fire prevention.
PM Phuc also requested Hanoi authorities to move polluters out of the urban and residential areas, according to the central government’s direction.
When it comes to the number of fluorescent bulbs containing mercury, leaders of Rang Dong Company admitted that 480,000 fluorescent bulbs that had been destroyed in the blaze all contain mercury.
Until now, the Military Institute of Chemistry and Environment has already taken samples for testing. The institute is going to come up with solutions.
Before, Hanoi authorities had sent its document to the Ministry of Defense, asking for help in treating environmental pollution.

By PHAN THAO - Translated by DAN THUY

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