Outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease occurs in Ha Tinh

From December 20, 2018 till now a number of foot-and - mouth disease outbreaks have affected hundreds of cattle in district Cam Xuyen , Thach Ha in the central province of Ha Tinh.

Head of the Department of Husbandry and Animal Health of Ha Tinh Tran Hung yesterday said that so far the province has provided more than 40,000 dozes of vaccine against foot-mouth disease in cattle and nearly 5,000 liters of disinfectants for districts to treat the disease.
The local administrations’ efforts to contain and control it as quickly as possible
However, despite of efforts in controlling it, the disease spread quickly, resulting in mass destruction of cattle; consequently, it caused severe production losses.

FMD characterized by fever and blister-like sores on the tongue and lips, in the mouth, on the teats and between the hooves is caused by foot-and-mouth virus type O and other virus in Cam Xuyen District.


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