Local governments helping farmers sell produce

By the end of July, farmers in the Mekong Delta will harvest 500,000 hectares of summer-autumn crop. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic restricted normal execution of agricultural extension services and movement of agricultural produce to markets; therefore, local governments have made concerted efforts to help farmers sell produce.
Local governments helping farmers sell produce ảnh 1 Soldiers buy vegetables to help farmers in An Giang Province (Photo: SGGP)
It is being the harvest season in the Mekong Delta with hundreds of thousands of hectares of summer-autumn rice and many agricultural have been reaped. Many localities are trying to apply all methods so that farmers can harvest and sell agricultural products. For instance, the authority in Hau Giang Province has mobilized 264 combined harvesters to harvest rice to help farmers.
According to Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hau Giang Province Tran Chi Hung, those reaping rice and traders buying rice at the field must ensure safety in disease prevention, apply rapid testing and strictly implement 5K principles. In addition, the departments of Hau Giang province have helped cooperatives, farmers connect with other enterprises to consume agricultural products.
The Mekong Delta provinces of Bac Lieu, Dong Thap, Vinh Long also connected farmers and cooperatives with supermarkets and businesses. Furthermore, the administrations have called on the community to join hands in buying produce to remove difficulties during the epidemic and social distancing time.
Normally, it is difficult to sell sweet potatoes. Now, it is more difficult to sell the produce though a kilogram of sweet potatoes costs a few hundred dong, not many people have bought it. However, through connections with supermarkets and organizations, and individuals, Vinh Long has helped farmers sell thousands of tons of purple sweet potatoes at the price of VND3,000 per kilogram.
Currently, many localities in the Mekong Delta have been helping connect with supermarkets and traditional markets to consume agricultural products. Some localities such as Bac Lieu, Hau Giang, and Dong Thap are helping farmers by delivering agricultural products to people's houses because transporting agricultural products is the most difficult step in the circulation of goods.
Recently, the People's Committee of Soc Trang province has sent an official letter requesting the Provincial Business Association to notify companies, enterprises, production, and business establishments in the province about Covid-19 vaccination for drivers, assistants, and unloading vehicles.
Drivers and employees were excited at the news of inoculation announced by the People’s Committee in Soc Trang Province as they are at high risk of transmission, said Dr. Tran Khac Tam, Chairman of Soc Trang Province Business Association.

By Cao Phong - Translated by Anh Quan

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