Five highest-paying jobs in Vietnam: VietnamWork’s report

In its list of the best paying jobs released yesterday, VietnamWorks found that employees in the financing-investing- banking field make the most money, followed by employees in the IT field, marketing and construction.

Five highest-paying jobs in Vietnam: VietnamWork’s report

According to the leading job recruitment website in Vietnam, VietnamWorks, 25 percent of high ranking managers in the field of financing-investing are paid VND70 million ($3,016) per head monthly up.
Newly-graduated students in the field also have the minimum salary of VND5 million per person per month while senior staffs including supervisors and department managers are paid VND16 million and VND35 million a person per month respectively.
Construction newly-graduated students receive average salary of VND7.5 million a person a month slightly higher than other their peers in other jobs; moreover, 25 percent of them enjoy VND10 million up a month a person
Experienced laborers in the field of IT get the salary of VND15.6 million per month per person up and 20 percent of them earn around VND20 million a person monthly.
On the contrary, five lowest-paying jobs in the country are administrative staffs, clerks, mechanicians, service providers, accountants and shot assistants.
Statistically, those working in Ho Chi Minh City are paid highest salary for all position with the average salary of VND36.5 per person monthly meanwhile their peers in Hanoi are offered VND30 million per person per month.
According to VietnamWorks, salary plays a pivotal role in attracting and keeping good laborers especially when more foreign-invested companies are hunting talents.

By MANH HOA - Translated by ANH QUAN

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