Dyke breaches, farmers rush to save rice paddies

Despite efforts to fortify the dyke following recent downpours by hundreds of adult members of a village and military soldiers in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak who have been working relentlessly over the past days, a section of dyke in the field in Quang Dien Commune breached and the field was inundated yesterday.

Dyke breaches, farmers rush to save rice paddies

In the early morning, local adults and soldiers were still exerting their best efforts to fortify a local embankment to save more than tens of hundreds of rice paddy hectares from being flooded as Krong Ana River burst its bank and the fields were inundated.
Deputy Chairman of Krong Ana District Nguyen Minh Dong yesterday said the existing dam is not strong enough to prevent water from pouring into the paddy fields of local farmers and the breach of 10-meter stopbank led to serious inundation of 500 hectares of rice paddy and local farmers will suffer heavy losse.
Multiple excavators and pumps have also been employed to remove floodwater from the field while hundreds of people were mobilized to save the paddy fields around the clock to save the breached embankment.
Residents made concerted efforts to save other hundreds of paddy fields in communes Binh Hoa and Buon Trap; however, traffic difficulties have impeded transportation of construction materials.
Following recent downpour, Krong Ana River burst its bank overflowing the embankment. The VND300 billion ($12,928,547 ) embankment with the length of 70 kilometers in Quang Dien Commune was used in 2014 encircling 1,000 hectares of rice paddy field.


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