Control over ornamental pig sale tightened amid African Swine Fever

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development yesterday pointed out that illicit sales of ornamental piglet amid outbreaks of African Swine Flu would risk the country’s pig-breeding industry.


Control over ornamental pig sale tightened amid African Swine Fever

From the end of 2018 till now, sales of ornamental pigs has been rampant in places to places even on the internet. Ornamental piglets weighing 200gr to 2kg fetch VND2.7 – VND5 million ($116 - $ 215.4) each.
The epidemic has hit 57 districts of 18 cities and provinces in the country. Around 26,807 pigs had been culled so far.
Accordingly, the Ministry requested people’s committee leaders and related agencies to abide by the Prime Minister’s circular No. 04/CT-TTg issued on February 20, 2019 which directs tightened control over illegal sales and transportation of ornamental piglets through border gates.
Harsh penalties will be imposed on those who fall foul of the regulation.
In related health news, a leader of the People’s Committee in the central province of Phu Yen’s Phu Hoa District said that outbreaks of foot-and mouth disease amongst cattle was under the control.
The newest outbreak occurred on March 14 in breeder Luong Thi Dam’s 40 hog herd. Vets had to bury 18 pigs in the farm while the remaining was under close observation.
Before, two other outbreaks of foot-and mouth struck farms in communes Hoa Tri and Hoa Quang Nam.
Phu Yen Department of Husbandry and Animal Health has treated all outbreaks of foot-and mouth disease.

By staff writers – Translated by ANH QUAN

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