Consumer prices rise 0.45 percent in August nationwide

The General Statistics Office of Vietnam today said that in August, consumer prices rose 0.45 percent against the month before.

Consumer prices rise 0.45 percent in August nationwide

Ten of 11 groups of main commodities and services saw prices increase compared to the previous month especially food and eating services with 0.87 percent.
Increase in food and foodstuff resulted in acceleration of Consumer Price Index by 0.25 percent. August’s CPI leaped by 3.98 percent year-on-year.
Pork surged by 3.41 percent against July; therefore, pork products also hiked while vegetables prices also went up by 2.87 percent because of storm and flash flood. Food slightly increased by 0.1 percent.
Cost of education also escalated by 0.46 percent in the month as 14 provinces decided to hike school fee as per the government’s decree No.86/2015 whereas material and construction group hiked by 0.44 percent and culture, entertainment, tourism group went up by 0.19 percent, traffic leaped by 0.13 percent and beverage and tobacco were up by 0.11 percent.
Post and telecommunication prices declined by 0.07 percent.
Averagely, CPI in the eight months escalated by 3.52 percent compared with the same period last year.


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