Police use rescue vehicle to tow away driver nodding off at red light

Hanoi traffic police yesterday had no choice but used rescue vehicle to tow away a drowsy driver who was found sleeping in his car at a stoplight causing traffic congestion.

Police use rescue vehicle to tow away driver nodding off at red light

At 4:30 yesterday afternoon, a cab driver was falling asleep at the wheel in the crossroad Pham Hung near My Dinh Bus Station while waiting for red light. Finding that the cab did not move for tens of minutes, other drivers came near the cab finding that the man was nodding off.
Despite people’s efforts to wake him up, the man inside the cab showed no sign of rising.
Informed of the news, traffic wardens of the Traffic team No.6 of Hanoi arrived in the scene.
A police officer said that police wardens tapped the cab door fiercely but the man did not showed any sign; at last, police resorted to rescue vehicle to tow the cab away to clear traffic jam.
The man was sleeping half an hour in the cab, said a traffic warden.
The man told traffic wardens that he had not drunken but he has worked continuously several days without proper rest; subsequently, he fell asleep while waiting the red light.
The sleepy driver was undergoing breath test later and police announced he had not had liquor. However, he was fined VND1 million ($42.9) because of parking violation.


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