HCMC police prosecute Korean man for robbery-murder

Ho Chi Minh City police decided to launch legal proceedings against 30-year-old Lee Hyeong Won who murdered a fellow national in District 7.

HCMC police prosecute Korean man for robbery-murder

According to the South Korean man’s confession in a robbery-murder case, because he did not have money, Lee Hyeong Won broke into his fellow national’s house killing people to rob the property..
Lee Hyeong Won has entered Vietnam many times renting a house in District 1. He had known the victim’s family before.
He again entered the Southeast Asian country on November 1 and shared a rental room with a friend in District 1. Lee worked as an attendant at a karaoke bar in District 5 for earnings while in Vietnam
He hailed a Grab ride to the Phu My Hung area in District 7 to distribute flyers promoting his karaoke bar on the night of December 20.
Then, driven by his greed, the man came up with a plan to rob Yoon Sang Yong. He spent the whole night thinking how to enter the victims’ house and then he decided to break into the house to search for jewelry. Because Mrs. Jung Yuong Sook discovered him, he stabbed her to death.
Later, he continued stabbing her husband and her 16-year-old daughter demanding the girl show him to the family's safe. Frightened, the girl gave him VND3 million but she did not know the passcode to unlock the coffer; therefore, Lee could not open the coffer.
The man just took mobile phones from the victims and VND3 million (US$129.81) in cash and then drove the family’s vehicle to Thu Thiem 2 Bridge in District 2 and set it on fire.
Worse, Lee stole $2,000 from his roommate and fled away to another rental place on Cong Quynh Street in District 1, where he stayed while waiting for his scheduled flight to leave Vietnam.
The Korean fellow and his daughter have survived their wounds and are recovering.

By Chi Thach - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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