Thailand, India begin joint naval exercise

Thailand and India on October 19 began a joint naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal that involved helicopters from ships of both nations, according to Indian defence officials.

Illustrative image (Photo: Internet)

Illustrative image (Photo: Internet)

The five-day exercise commenced off the port of Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh state of India.
Two naval ships of Thailand - UMS Sin Phyu Shin (F-14), a frigate and UMS Tabinshweti (773), a corvette – were deployed for the exercise. India sent its ships INS Ranvijay, a guided-missile destroyer and INS Kuthar, a missile corvette, to the exercise.
The exercise, the second of its kind, featured the habour phase from October 18 – 19 with the sharing of expertise on various maritime issues.
The sea phase from October 20-22 will involve a variety of drills including anti-air and surface firing exercises, flying exercises using integral helicopters.
"The joint exercises this year have increased in scope and complexity and is a testimony of growing maritime cooperation between the two navies," said a statement from the Indian Navy.

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