Ho Chi Minh City

Police summon hit-and-run cab driver after fatal collision

Police in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday summoned the cab driver who left victim to die following collision in Tan Phu District to probe the accident between the cab and motorbike on June 25 having caused public concern lately.

Police summon hit-and-run cab driver after fatal collision

Nguyen Tan Phu - taxi driver of Vinasun taxi company - admitted he was getting into a panic so he left the scene after the collision. The crash between his vehicle and a motorbike that killed one of the two people on the two-wheeler.
Nguyen Hoang Long and Nguyen Thi My T. were on their motorbike slamming into the cab in the intersection of Tan Huong with Vo Vong Ton Streets in Tan Phu District on June 25.
The crash knocked Long and T. off the motorbike and threw them onto the sidewalk.
After the accident, police in the district cordoned off the scene and took the testimony of witnesses for the investigation.
The CCTV footage of a crash between the cab and two motorcyclists which killed the female at the scene has shown that Phu got off his cab and took a 13-second glance at the victims before driving away.
Phu later tested negative for cocaine at the police station and he was allowed to return home. Initially, police verified Phu to violate the traffic regulations and to leave the scene without reporting the accident to police
The female’s body was brought to her hometown in the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre, while Long is still being treated in the hospital. Long is also determined to violate the regulations leading to the accident.
Police are considering charges for the cab driver and the motorist as per the law.

By CHI THACH - Translated by DAN THUY

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