Ho Chi Minh City

Police start crackdown on violators to keep traffic order

Ho Chi Minh City Road-Railway Traffic Police Division (PC08) yesterday announced to take heed to drunk truck and bus drivers at the launch of the month-long traffic crackdown campaign over trafic law violators to ensure traffic order during Tet Holiday (the Lunar New Year festival)

Police start crackdown on violators to keep traffic order

Passenger cars, vans, cars, and motorbikes drivers will be tested for alcohol and drugs between 6pm and 2am from January 16 to February 2
This is a key task to ensure traffic order during the month prior to Tet holidays. In the campaign, PC08 police officers will work with local peers in districts to patrol streets in 24 districts and do random tests on the streets.
Policemen will enhance patrolling in city gate streets, the national highways, surrounding areas in Cat Lai, Tan Son Nhat Airport and bus stations to discover whether a driver take alcohol or stimulants.
Additionally, PC08 will asked preventive medicine centers in districts to test for all drivers in bus stations and harbors in the city to handle violations.
On the same day, traffic wardens in Rach Chiec and An Lac stations patrolled street to stop drunk drivers or those who had the sign of using intoxicants in the city’s southern and northeast gate streets.
Just in one hour, five drunk drivers were found to have violated the law. Police seized all vehicles to prevent possible traffic accidents caused by drink drivers.

By TUAN VU – Translated by HAI SON

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