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HCMC Party Chief Nhan directs to review firefighting task in condominium

At a meeting on the blaze in Carina Plaza, HCMC Party Chief cum member of Politburo Nguyen Thien Nhan said the incident left serious consequence.

HCMC Party Chief Nhan directs to review firefighting task in condominium

Accordingly, the city party chief said related agencies must learn firefighting experience from the fire in condominium's basement.
Additionally, firemen must report the firefighting prevention reality in high-rise building; but first of all, report about firefighting prevention actual status in Carina Plaza before March 26.
HCMC Party Committee and People’s Committee leaders will have direction following the report.
Mr. Nhan stressed that report must write how people are trained skills and ways to escape the incident if a fire breaks out in high-rise building. It is so dangerous that people are not trained; subsequently, they run in panic suffering suffocation or jump from high floor.
He requested to review firefighting procedure in all high-rise building in addition to organizing drill and instructing people how to escape a fire.
Furthermore, police force must carry out investigation of the fire including verifying the cause of the fire, responsibility to issue punishment as per the law.
Two years ago, Sai Gon giai Phong had an article on residents’ complaint of unease in Carina Plaza . however, these complaints did not receive feedback from investor.
After the blaze, residents in Carina Plaza condominium said that the fire alarming system did not work properly at that time when the fire broke out. As a result, no one heard the ring or announcement of fire.
HCMC leaders share with losses of Carina plaza's residents:

By staff writers – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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