Ho Chi Minh City

HCMC Home Affairs Department stops accepting paper documents


The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Home Affairs announced that from September 10, 2022 it stops issuing and receiving paper documents within the system of state administrative agencies.

Accordingly, all incoming and outgoing documents will now be sent and accepted by this Department under the electronic form, circulating via a special systematic software piece to manage online documents and records.

All agencies and units must not send e-documents or e-record that do not meet regulations on sending and receiving official documents to this Department.

The HCMC Home Affairs Department states that the receipt of electronic documents and records can guarantee sufficient attachments as regulated, as well as correct recipient address.

The sending of e-documents without accompanied paper documents is not applied to the cases of documents in the form of confidential, top secret (in compliance with the Law on State Secrets Protection); documents and records compulsorily sent under the paper form as regulated; records with complicated components that are hard to digitize (maps, technical drawings, publications, real objects); and documents related to planning, finance, organization structure, human resources, policies for civil servants and public employees.

Meeting invitations and documents will be sent via emails by the HCMC Home Affairs Department as usual.

By Thi Nhan – Translated by Vien Hong

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