Ho Chi Minh City

HCMC authorities encourage walkers to use footbridges

Road accidents are increasing everyday. People crossing busy roads despite running vehicles have become a common phenomenon. This puts many liabilities on both the people as well as the drivers. 

HCMC authorities encourage walkers to use footbridges

Instead of using the foot over bridge, people jaywalk across the busy roads just to save a few minutes.
This year, to encourage passers-by to use footbridges, the Department of Transport in Ho Chi Minh City will highlight the importance of their use by pointing out the many accidents that are occurring due to jaywalking.
According to the city Department of Transport, 22 footbridges are operational in the city with the aim to keep pedestrians’ safety while crossing the roads.
In fact, throughout the city, one third of the bridges remain unused and people frequently use the road to get across.For instance, the footbridge in Phan Van Tri street is empty.
Whereas, the remaining in front of big hospitals or crowded areas are frequently used by walkers. For instance, the footbridges in streets Cong Quynh, No Trang Long, Nguyen Trai, in front of Suoi Tien Park.
In next time, as per the road map, additional pedestrian bridges will be built in 2018 to ensure the safety of passers-by. The Department of Transport January 2 broke the ground to build a pedestrian bridge in front of Gia Dinh Park in Hoang Minh Giam street. The bridge will be operational in the first quarter of 2018.
Another bridge in Nguyen Van Cu street will be built ahead of Tet holidays (the Lunar New Year). Plus, the city authorities planned to build many footbridges in Quang Trung street in Go Vap District, in the Highway No.1, in front of the wholesale market Thu Duc, in Le Van Viet street in District 9 and in front of the branch of University of Transport.
The authorities should take the necessary steps to prevent these road accidents. The foot over bridge should be cleared of all vendors. The authorities needs to improve the over bridges to encourage people to use them. The first and most important step is to ensure people are using them.


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