Young girl hospitalized because of self-medicate for weight loss

Binh Dan Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday announced a 22-year-old girl in the southern province of Binh Duong was hospitalized because of kidney failure after using weight-loss medications by herself.

Young girl hospitalized because of self-medicate for weight loss

The young girl had to undergo blood filtering. Before, two other women had been taken to the hospital with the same condition.
The girl was taken to the infirmary when her climbs were swollen, her digestive system was bleeding and she was suffering acute kidney failure.
Physicians of the hospital were run their feet off to save the young girl’s life. However, her renal function doesn’t restore and she has to undergo regular blood-filtering treatments called dialysis three times a week.
The young girl, a leaner of a building, said that she felt a complex about her overweight, she saved money to buy weight-loss medications without clear origin at the cost of VND500,000 for 25 tablets. She had taken the medicine in one month. At first she lost six kilogram but later she felt fatigue and no strength to work and then her eyes were swollen; accordingly she was taken to hospitals for treatment.
Head of the hospital’s renal – blood filtering ward Dr. Le Thi Dan Thuy said that so far, there have been many hospitalizations after taking weight-loss medications. Some of them have received timely treatment so their kidney functions worked, three of them were suffering damaged renal function. In addition to taking weight-loss tablets, some women have been taking weight-loss tea or weight-loss powder without clear indications.
Noticeably, just after one month of taking weight-loss drugs, patients had urinate more than normally and lost 10 percent of their weight within one or two weeks; however, next weeks, they fell into fatigue and swelling.
Unoriginal weight-loss products are being advertised rampantly in internet without control; worse, many of them destroy kidney drastically, said Dr. Thuy.
Accordingly, medical workers advised consumers to carefully take weight-loss products and people should combine exercise with healthy lifestyle instead of taking weight-loss drugs or take clear original products under doctor’s prescription.

By THANH AN - Translated by ANH QUAN

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