Vietnam keeps eye on China’s pneumonia outbreak

In early days of 2020, Vietnamese Ministry of Health continuously issued warning against China’s pneumonia outbreak asking local authorities to keep an eye on the disease.

Vietnam keeps eye on China’s pneumonia outbreak

The warning was disseminated after hospitals in Wuhan City of Hubei Province had admitted 59 people with an unidentified form of pneumonia, including one fatality, as of January 10.
One of Wuhan’s largest meat and seafood markets was pinpointed as the center of the outbreak and was shut down. The man who died was a customer there.
Moreover, test results have shown that 41 patients were positive for the new coronavirus.
Deputy Head of the Department of Preventive Medicine under the Ministry of Health Dang Quang Tan said that from 2014, the Ministry has maintained supervision over fatal emerging contagious diseases such as MERS-CoV, Ebola, SARS, and flu A/H7N9.
He added that so far, no case of fatal emerging contagious diseases has been recorded in the country.
However, he warned travel is a potent force in the emergence of disease. Migration of humans has been the pathway for disseminating infectious diseases throughout recorded history and will continue to shape the emergence, frequency, and spread of infections in geographic areas and populations.
accordingly, the health sector in bordering provinces in the North including Quang Ninh, Lang Son, Cao bang and Lao Cai has enhanced supervision and screenings of arrivals at border gates and airport.
Director of the Hanoi Department of Health Nguyen Nhat Cam said five remote body temperature scanners have been installed to monitor tourists in the International Airport, and a separate counter has been set up for those arriving from Wuhan.
Additionally, a mobile team will work relentlessly to check with suspected passengers. Local medical clinics in districts in Hanoi have been requested to closely check all people with acute pneumonia.
The health sector in Ho Chi Minh City is also ready to monitor passengers in Tan Son Nhat Airport, Tan Thuan , Cat Lai, Khanh Hoi ports.

By staff writers - Translated Anh Quan

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