VIDEO:Ninety –two workers hospitalized due to food poisoning

Xuyen A general Hospital yesterday announced medical workers of its emergency center 115 were providing intensive treatment to 92 workers who were experienced food poisoning.

VIDEO:Ninety –two workers hospitalized due to food poisoning

These workers of a textile and garment in Tan Phu Industrial Park in Ho Chi Minh City suffered headache, vomiting and stomach pain while they were having their dinner before nightshift. They were soon taken to the hospitals.

Immediately, the hospital informed signals of emergency with other infirmaries to receive patients and classify them because so many patients were rushed to the hospital at the same time.

All doctors and nurses were convened to provide emergency treatment even hospital management board who directed the poisoning procedure and tests. Some serious cases were isolated under doctors’ observation.

One hour later, 51 workers were discharged from the hospital in stable condition while others were kept in the hospital for further treatment.

By THANH AN – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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