Two children, seven adults die of dengue fever in nine months in HCMC

Mosquito-borne disease, dengue, has caused a concern in Ho Chi Minh City this year, with over nine deaths reported in first nine months of the year.

Two children, seven adults die of dengue fever in nine months in HCMC

The Disease Control Center in the city yesterday announced that it has recorded 8,128 cases of dengue fever and 14,990 cases of hand-foot-mouth.
The outbreak of dengue fever has already claimed the lives of nine people including two children and seven adults. Most of them have been hospitalized late after a long time self-medicating at home
Meanwhile, sixteen percent of 14,990 cases of hand-foot-mouth are inpatients; luckily, no death has been reported. The number of hand-foot-mouth patients has been increasing from July.
September alone, around 6,573 cases of hand-foot-mouth has been recorded, doubling the number of August.
To fight against dengue fever, the center advised to have participation of all households and unions to remove stagnant water and prevent mosquitoes from breeding and dispose of unwanted containers where water may gather (such as lunch boxes and soft-drink cans) into a covered bin.
Medical experts advised that anyone experiencing fever, headache and symptoms of dengue fever should go to nearby hospitals for examination.

By THANH AN - Translated by ANH QUAN

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