Trimotal tablet recalled for failing requirement for public use

The Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health requested to recall Trimotal tablet nationwide because the pill fail requirements for public use.

Trimotal tablet recalled for failing requirement for public use

The Administration sent its dispatch to departments of health in cities and provinces and Minh Hai Pharmaceutical Company in the Mekong Delta Province of Ca Mau which manufactures the pill countrywide yesterday asking to recall the drug for failing quality requirement.
Before, according to the National Institute of Drug Quality Control’s report of test result for Trimoxtal table 500/250 containing Amoxicilin 500mg, Sulbactam 250mg with registered number VD-20158-13 in the batch number 0040518 and manufactured date May 8, 2018 and expired date May 8, 2021 , the tablet failed requirements of Sulbactam natri.
Therefore, the drug authority decided to remove the drug from pharmacy shelves nationwide.
Tablet manufacturer, Minh Hai Pharmaceutical Company, was asked to work with distributors to recall the drug in retail pharmacies. Moreover, it must send report of production and distribution of the tablet as well as probe the cause of quality failure and the quantity of the drug was distributed in market.

By Quoc Lap - Translated by Anh Quan

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