Rove beetles plague residential quarters

Lately, rove beetles have returned to plague city dwellers in residential quarters and school condominiums and hópital, causing public concern.

Rove beetles plague residential quarters

Medical experts said rove beetles are present during rainy seasons. Residents should apply preventative measures and first aid while enduring infestation of rove beetle.
A resident in District 8 suffered infestation of rove beetle because he killed the insect on his body without knowing it was rove beetle. Similarly, children of families in a condominium in District 12 were enduring infestation of the insect.
Meantime, students in a condominium of the National University in Ho Chi Minh City’s Thu Duc District have been worrying about the insect as they discovered many rove beetles in their rooms.
Many of students in the condo have experienced bites which have caused inflammation and blisters, leaving scars that last a long time.
Patients in the General Hospital in Thu Duc District were also concerning because of the presence of the insect in window, walls and beds.
Following the plague of rove beetle in residential quarters, school condo and hospitals, local administrations posted bulletins warning about it.
Dr. Phan Thi Thuy Thao from the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases of the General Hospital in District 11 advised that in case a victim has accidentally come into contact with the venom, wash it off immediately with running alcohol or soap under water to help release infection and go to medical facilities for further treatment.
According to the Department of Preventive Medicine , the presence of rove beetles in the area is seasonal. They only come out from the grassy fields during rainy seasons. Their venom is 12 times more toxic than that of a cobra.
Medical experts recommend not to crush or hit the beetle if it comes into contact with skin, as pederin, a highly toxic substance that is more potent than cobra venom, is released from these beetles when they are crushed, and it produces a skin irritation called dermatitis linearis.
The rove beetles or fire ants are attracted by lights; therefore, people should not turn on lights inside but outside to kill them.
Medical experts advised people to clean beds, sleeping mats before going to bed; to close all windows and door; and to draw the curtain when turning on lights in houses.
People should not kill the insect when the insect stay on their body because the insect produces Pederin, a highly bioactive natural product, but blow it away.

By THANH AN - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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