Quang Ngai takes steps to prevent African swine fever

The People Committee of Quang Ngai Province has taken precautionary measures against diseases in cattle and poultry, especially the African swine fever, it said in a document.

Quang Ngai takes steps to prevent African swine fever

The document said outbreaks of avian flu and foot and mouth in cattle have occurred in four districts namely Tu Nghia, Nghia Hanh, Binh Son and Duc Pho. The diseases have affected 823 pigs and 6,600 chicken in Binh Long Commune.
Diseases in cattle and waterfowl are highly likely to spread further, especially the African swine fever detected in the northern provinces of Hung Yen, Thai Binh and Hai Phong.
The People Committee chairman directed the department of agriculture and rural development and related agencies to adopt preventative measures to stamp out the outbreaks and curb the spread of disease.
Localities which have been hit by the diseases must make concerted efforts to handle it. Local administrations must set up animal disease prevention steering boards which will implement precautionary measures against the diseases
Those in charge of controlling the diseases will be punished if the diseases occurin the area under their jurisdiction.
Local administrators should keep increasing information of African swine fever as well as quarantine the affected localities for disinfection. Transportation and sale of animal are banned.
Localities were asked to implement hygiene action month by disinfecting farms with chemicals from now to March 30 in old outbreaks, flood-hit areas, and areas with more farms and slaughterhouses.
The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will conduct regular inspections of quarantine, slaughtering practice and hygienic conditions at livestock farms, slaughterhouses, and business facilities that sell livestock and poultry products.
The department continues to keep track of the African swine fever to introduce preventative measures.

By NGUYEN TRANG - Translated by HAI SON

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