Private-run medical clinics allowed to re-open

The Department of Health allowed private-run medical clinics to reopen but these institutions must adhere to preventive measures against the coronavirus disease ( Covid-19) such as wearing face masks, temperature check, maintaining 2-meter distance and health declaration.

Private-run medical clinics allowed to re-open

Many private medical facilities have bought face shields to protect their staffs from contracting the disease.
Respectively, to avoid gatherings of over 20 people, staffs of Dr. Le Thanh Phong of Cho Ray Hospital’s medical establishment in Dao Duy Tu Street in District 10 make appointment with patients through phone.
Plus, patients are asked to wash hands with sanitizer and fill out health declaration before starting examination.
Dr. Phong revealed he shut down his medical clinic before being required to close to curb the Covid-19 spread and provided free-of-charge online consultation instead.
Meanwhile Head of the Tropical Disease Hospital’s Infectious Ward Dr. Nguyen Thanh Phong said that presently, Vietnam is just well controlling the pandemic but the country has not thoroughly driven back it; therefore, people must stay alert to the disease especially his peers in private medical institution.
To limit the spread of the disease, private clinics should follow the health sector’s guideline in addition to self-evaluation of infection degree in the clinic as per available codes of conducts and regulations as well as have preventive measures if clinics are at risk of transmission.
In other side, physicians should report at-risk cases to local administrations and health authorities to have timely isolation to minimize the spread into community.
Purchasing protective devices for patients, patients’ relatives and medical workers as well as regular cleaning tables with disinfectants in waiting room are effective ways to prevent Covid-19 spread.
The number of infections and deaths in the world is still increasing even in developed countries with modern equipment which have been struggling against the disease.
Accordingly, though the country has begun implementing more relaxed restrictions than before because Vietnam has to accept the situation of living with the pandemic to develop its economy, people should wear face masks in public places and keep personal hygiene to prevent the Covid-19 spread in community, said Dr. Thanh Phong.

By Kim Huyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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