More kids hospitalized after vaccination of ComBE Five

Twenty one babies were hospitalized after injection of vaccine ComBe Five in a medical clinic in Ung Hoa district in Hanoi alone, accounting for 4.22 percent.

More kids hospitalized after vaccination of ComBE Five

Ten of them hailing from Hanoi are being treated in the Van Dinh General Infirmary’s pediatric ward.
Director of the Disease Control Center Nguyen Nhat Cam said that over 4,935 toddlers in 14 districts in Hanoi have got vaccine ComBe Five so far. Of them, 56 had mild reactions after vaccination including fever, swelling at the site where the shot was given or develops a fever and feels sick but none of them suffered shock.
Mr. Cam said that his center has requested medical clinics to write a list of toddlers having vaccination reaction everyday as well as keep an eye on cases having reaction after vaccination within 72 hours.
At this time, medical workers have to increase information of vaccination importance,benefit and reaction after getting a shot to ensure the vaccination rate. Moreover, medical workers keep an eye on schedule of infants’ vaccination in heir jurisdiction, said Mr. Cam
According to the Department of Preventative Medicine’s statistics, around 80,000 kids countrywide have been given a shot of “five-in-one” vaccine ComBe Five produced by Indian vaccine manufacturer Biological E. Ltd, that can help fight against five common, potentially fatal diseases affecting infants - diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza type B to replace vaccine Quinvaxem
Deputy Head of the National Institution of Hygiene and Epidemiology Duong Thi Hong said that ComBe Five is chosen to replace vaccine Quinvaxem because it has the same ingredients like vaccine Quinvaxem.
She added the replacing vaccine had been tested carefully before it is administered to medical clinics nationwide. Additionally, vaccine ComBE Five was assessed by the World Health Organization with more than 400 million dozes being administered in over 43 nations and territories.
Each batch of vaccine in Vietnam is tested by the National Institute for Control of Vaccine and Biologicals
She noted all vaccine will cause mild reactions such as fever, swelling and bad appetite which will disappear after one or two days; however, she warned of high fever, crying, breathing problem, and rash in skin. Parents should take their kids to nearby infirmaries if kids experience these above symptoms.


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