Ministry urges to fight against flu

The Ministry of Health yesterday convened a meeting in Hanoi to adopt measures against flu as the ailment is developing complicatedly.

Ministry urges to fight against flu

In the meeting, head of the Treatment Department Luong Ngoc Khue announced the seven guidelines of tackling the disease to curb spreading in the festive season and Tet holiday (the Lunar New Year)
Hospital representatives said so far, they have prepared measures against flu. Bach Mai Hospital allocated one floor for treating kid patients and two floors for treating adult patients.
Additionally, the hospital took many ventilators for emergency department as well as 12 ecmo machines and prepares 1,260 Tamiflu drug for treating flu patients.
Meantime, the National Tropical Disease Hospital and the National Children Hospital classified patients in treatment department to curb transmitting . Moreover, the two hospitals reserved many beds for flu patients in isolating section.
Dong Da Hospital said since the beginning of the year, it admitted 10 patients a day; accordingly, it has utilized quick test for screening flu patients. Moreover, 15 beds are reserved for flu patients .
Medical clinics in Hanoi are quick to adopt measures against flu. A representative of Saint Paul Hospital said it received around 400 patients and 70 are treated in the hospital without death. It has enough drugs for serious patients.
Mr.Khue asked hospitals to be ready for large outbreaks of flu warning doctors not to prescribe Tamiflu drug for patients to avoid drug-resistance and create fever of the medication. He ordered hospital managers to keep an eye on prescription of Tamiflu.
Mr.Khue added that in the end of 2017 and early 2018, flu developed complicatedly in the world ;for instance, more cases of flu caused by virus A/H7N9 have been recorded in China, outbreaks of seasonal flu in the US and flu caused by virus A/H1N1 in South Korea.
Vietnam recorded more hospitalizations of flu in many localities and they have been taken to big hospitals. Winter- spring weather is conducive for contagious respiratory diseases including flu.
Though adults having flu can recover within two to seven days; however, children, senior people and those with chronic diseases are easily suffering complications even death.


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