Medical workers warn re-emergence of measles

Medical workers warned the re-emergence of measles because of its peak of three-five year period after Ho Chi Minh City Department of Preventive Medicine affirmed three cases of measles in two past weeks

Medical workers warn re-emergence of measles

Through epidemiology, no link between source of illness amongst three above-mentioned inpatients including kids and adults.
According to health experts, changing weather results in weak resistance amongst children, enabling viruses to grow strongly and cause many diseases including measles, therefore, they often ask parents to take heed to seasonal deseases.
To avoid catching measles, the center warned parents to take children to infirmaries for vaccination.
When people experience symptoms such as fever, rash, pink eye and running nose, they should go to nearby medical clinics for check-up and Infected patients must be isolated to curb transmission, the center warned.

By THANH SON – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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