Medical expert denies rumor about viral causes of human myocarditis

Following the rumor about a strange virus causing myocarditis going viral on social networks, Director of Hanoi Preventive Healthcare Center Dr. Nguyen Nhat Cam denied the rumor on October 27.
According to him, of all infectious diseases, the so-called ‘viral myocarditis’ doesn’t exist. Moreover, no records of myocarditis caused by virus are found in clinical literature.
Agreeing with Dr. Cam, Director of National Heart Institute of Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Manh Hung said that the rumor had no serious foundation.
He added that the Institute finds no abnormal epidemiology of cardiovascular disease, as well as no sign of regular mutation as being rumored. Hence, the public should not be worried about this.
‘There has been no scientific researches or publications mentioning virus as a cause of myocarditis so far. Furthermore, myocarditis is an individual pathology, which means it can neither spread nor develop into epidemic. People need not worry.’ Mr. Hung advised.

By MINH KHANG – Translated by ANH QUAN

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