Infectious diseases spread as cold weather hits Vietnam

Contagious diseases are escalating in the northern region because cold spell and polluted air hit the region.

Infectious diseases spread as cold weather hits Vietnam

An increase in cold-related illnesses such as high fever, diarrhea, and flu amongst children have been recorded in big hospitals in Hanoi including Bach Mai, National Children Hospital, Thanh Nhan, Saint Paul.
Deputy Director of the National Children Hospital Tran Minh Dien said that more than 30 kids catching flu are being treated in the hospital. Most of them have suffered complications of pneumonia.
Worse, ten measles children have not been vaccinated and some whooping cough children are under three months old in the hospital.
Saint Paul Hospital admitted more than 300 children a day, a surge of 10 percent compared to November while the Lung Hospital receives 300 adult inpatients daily, an increase of 1.5 times compared to previous month.
Worryingly, 250,000 dengue fever cases have been recorded in 12 months, a 300 percent increase compared to last year. Nearly 85,000 people have been infected with hand-foot-mouth and 8,200 cases of measles.
Scattered cases of diphtheria, swine-related disease, encephalitis have been reported.
According to the Preventive Medicine Department under the Ministry of Health, seasonal change in the incidence of infectious diseases is a common phenomenon in the country affecting people’s health condition especially on those with bad immune.
Accordingly, medical experts advised people to go to infirmaries for vaccination, keep warm and avoid contacting with ill people, eat more fruits and keep personal hygiene.


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