Health Ministry disciplines medical workers in case of switched-at-birth babies

Vietnam Ministry of Health requested Hanoi Health Department to issue harsh penalties on medical workers in case of babies switched-at - birth six years ago.

Health Ministry disciplines medical workers in case of switched-at-birth babies

According to the letter of 28-year old Phung Giang Son in Hanoi to the Ministry, his wife gave birth on November 1, 2012 at the infirmary in Ba Vi district.
After receiving the newborn, he and his wife thought they were given wrong baby; consequently, they did ask the doctor who definitely affirmed that the baby is theirs.
Since then, the couple has raised up the baby because they believed in the hospital. However, the baby doesn’t look like the parents; accordingly, they took the child for DNA tests in the Ministry of Public Security’s Criminal Science Institute.
They eventually discovered the maternity ward mistake after undergoing DNA tests which revealed that the baby is not their biological child.
Soon, the couple worked with the infirmary whose managers admitted the mistake in delivering newborn to the couple, promising to solve it in short time.
The hospital tracked down the other family involved in the mix-up verifying the baby might be given to Ms. Vu Thi Huong in Phu Son Commune in Ba Vi District. The two families met and DNA test were undergone once more proved the suspicion.
As a result, in a meeting with Mr. Son on March 27, 2018, hospital director Nguyen Quoc Hung on behalf of the hospital said he born the whole responsibility for the error, promising to help both families in re-doing paper of two babies within two following weeks.
However, three months passed by but the case has not been solved; the two babies have not reunited with their biological parents yet.
Mr. Son complained that to the hospital but no one answered the phone when he called; sometimes, he listened to irresponsible words from hospital leaders.
In his letter to the Ministry, Mr. Son expressed his expectation that the children should early reunite with their biological parents. Plus, he asked for compensation and penalties on medical workers who involved in the case.


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