HCMC takes initiative to tackle diseases

People’s Committee in Ho Chi Minh City has planned to fight against diseases in 2018 aiming to prevent dangerous disease and reduce infection and deaths due to contagious diseases.

HCMC takes initiative to tackle diseases

As plan, the city can control and detect diseases, curbing the occurrence of the major epidemic for healthcare mission and socioeconomic development.
On the other hand, the city will raise competence against contagious diseases for the city’s healthcare steering boards in districts, communes, as well as develop infectious disease controlling system.
It will enhance supervision in the expanded immunization program and build supervision system for Dengue - Chikungunya - Zika. Plus, it can put infection cases under observation to curb spreading.
It also focuses on raising grass-root infirmaries’ competence of diagnosis and treatment to early detect and give emergency aid to case with contagious diseases in a bid to reduce deaths to the maximum and fight patient overload in big hospitals.
Cooperation between localities and the health sector is enhanced to carry out a comprehensive campaign to kill mosquito which spread diseases such as Zika and dengue. In addition, it increases information of the danger of dengue to locals to encourage them to participate in fighting the insect.


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