Drug manager dectects medical salt water without origin

The Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health yesterday said that it has detected pharmaceutical shops sell medical salt water NaCl 0.9%, hydrogen peroxide and iodine products without license of registration as per the medical regulations

Drug manager dectects medical salt water without origin

Accordingly, the Administration asked the departments of health across the country to enhance supervision of the three products in retail and wholesale.
Inspectors should issue harsh penalties on violators as well as publicize the names of violators, the ministry said.
The Administration also ordered health authorities nationwide and Khai Ha Pharmaceutical Company to suspend the circulation of the company’s brain supplement with registered number VD-24472-16 in the batch of 01.03.17, date of manufactured March 2, 2017 because the drug failed to meet the requirements of Ginkgo biloba Extract and Ginkgo flavonoid.
The producer was asked to recall the substandard drug from stores.


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