Can Tho City becomes Mekong delta’s Newborn Screening Center

After five years of establishment, the Newborn Screening Center of the Maternity Hospital in the Mekong delta City of Can Tho has become the regional center.

Can Tho City becomes Mekong delta’s Newborn Screening Center

Presently, the center can provide screening on newborns, measuring the thickness of the skin fold behind the nape of the neck to helps assess the risk for Down syndrome and other, heart diseases ultrasound scan, and genetic testing during pregnancy.
Newborn screening before and after birth has helped to reduce neonates suffering serious conditions, including hearing loss, congenital heart defects, and metabolic disorders and disparities with the aim to improve population and public health.
In the Mekong delta, around 255,000 newborns are born annually including approximately 3,000 – 8,000 newborns with congenital defects. Director of the center Dr. Luong Kim Phuong said that the center is appealing for social contribution to benefit residents in the region.
In 2019, the center continued spending on advanced medical equipment to help detect genetic diseases amongst newborns.


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