115,000 Vietnamese people die from cancer every year

115,000 Vietnamese people die from cancer every year while 300,000 other Vietnamese people fight against cancer, as it reported at a scientific seminar on cancer prevention yesterday organized by Hue Central Hospital and Hue Medicine University.

115,000 Vietnamese people die from cancer every year

According to the Union for International Cancer Control’s report published in 2018, cancer claim the lives of 8.2 million people and infect 14.1 million new cases annually; of which, 65 percent are living in low-income and middle income countries.
Vietnam is one of countries with high rate of cancer infection cases; every year, more than 300,000 cancer patients fight against the disease while 165,000 are fresh cases.
Liver cancer is more common in males , next is lung cancer, stomach cancer and   colorectal cancer while breast, stomach and lung cancers are common in females. Most cancers are curable if detected at early stage.
However, most of Vietnamese cancer patients are treated in final stage; accordingly, the rate of survival for these patients is extremely low. Presently, Vietnam has 8 hospitals, 69 medical centers and departments specializing in treating tumor.
Seminar participants took part in a refresh training of colorectal cancer, gynecologic cancer, and lung cancer as well as diagnosed cancer kids suffering nerve tumor, liver tumor, and brain tumor.
The seminar saw the attendance of 600 local and international tumor experts.

By VAN THANG - Translated by DAN THUY

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