Thirty-five students receive discipline for violating traffic law

The Department of Education and Training in Ho Chi Minh City sent its document to heads of its sub-divisions and principals of colleges in 24 districts asking to impose punishment on students who breached traffic law.

Police officers write ticket to fine two students who violate the traffic law (Photo: SGGP)

Police officers write ticket to fine two students who violate the traffic law (Photo: SGGP)

Thirty – five students of different schools citiwide have violated the traffic regulations within three recent months. They committed violations including having no registration license, insurance cards, ID, neglecting traffic lights and not wearing helmets.
After handling these cases, traffic police sent document to the Department of Education and Training asking to have discipline on these students.
The Department therefore requested school managers in colleges and vocational training facilities in the city to issue discipline on violators. Traffic ticket receipts will be used as the evidence to evaluate the students’ behavior in the end of the academic year.
Then, school managers must send reports attached with letters acknowledging their wrongdoings and parents’ commitment to teach their children to the Department.
Additionally, the Department ordered school managers to enhance information of traffic regulations to teaching staffs and students, especially focusing on benefit of helmets to prevent students not to wear helmet on motorbikes.
Moreover, school must have measures to deter unlicensed students from driving motorbikes.

By THU TAM – Translated By UYEN PHUONG

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