Tenth grader wins gold medal from International Mathematical Olympiad 2020

Two Vietnamese students, one 10th grader and another 11th grader, won two gold medals at the 61st International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2020, helping Vietnam rank 17th out of 105 participating countries. This is the first time a 10th grader has clinched a gold medal for Vietnam at an IMO.

Tenth grader wins gold medal from International Mathematical Olympiad 2020

The Ministry of Education and Training has just announced the Olympiad result Olympic. Six Vietnamese students won medals including two gold medals, one silver medal, two bronze medal and one certificate of merit.
Tenth grader Ngo Quy Dang and eleventh grader Truong Tuan Nghia of the Nature Science School for gifted students of the Hanoi –based Vietnam National University grabbed gold medal from IMO.
Noticeably, Dang is the first tenth grader to capture golden medal. He firstly participated in the International Mathematics Competition for University Students 2015. Before, he won prizes in Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools, the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad for Primary Schools, the Malaysia International Mathematics Olympiad Competition.
Plus, only girl in the Vietnamese team, 12th grader Chu Thi Thanh, comes from the Senior High School for the gifted student in the Northern Province of Vinh Phuc. In the history of Vietnam’s team at IMO, the proportion of female students is merely 4 percent. Thanh is the only girl in Vietnam’s IMO team in the five recent years.
The 61st International Mathematical Olympiad was organized by Russia in internet with 616 participants from 105 nations and territories. 316 candidates won medals including 49 gold medals, 112 silver medals and 155 bronze medals.

By Phan Thao - Translated by Anh Quan

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