Seminar on improving nursing education, practice

More than 400 physicians, managers, lecturers from 79 universities, and infirmaries took part in the second seminar on Nursing Science organized by Hong Bang International University.

Seminar on improving nursing education, practice

Participants of the seminar with the theme “ Improving the quality of care practice” and nursing schooling delivered nine scientific reports to update progress in the nursing field.
One of the outstanding reports were “Improving practical quality of care” and “Valuing dehydration in senior elderly patients” of Dr. Bui Thi Thu Thuy of Thong Nhat Hospital.
The seminar reports showed substantial progress in nursing and nursing lecturing for past years.
For undergraduates of nursing major, the event was an opportunity to get more in-depth knowledge to help orient their studying goal and research in the future.

By PHUONG LOAN - Translated by DAN THUY

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