Schools in non-pandemic hit areas able to reopen

The Ministry of Education and Training yesterday said that provinces and cities which have not recorded any cases of novel coronavirus will be able to reopen schools as long as schools have finished round of sterilization to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Schools in non-pandemic hit areas able to reopen

In its document to directors of departments of education and training, presidents of educational institutions, and principals of universities and colleges, the Ministry asked to continue implementing preventive measures against the novel coronavirus.
Moreover, managers in schools must hire more medical workers in each facilities and increase supervision as per the Ministry of Health’s guideline as preparations to welcome students back.
Additionally, schools must disseminate information of the deadly virus to students and parents in an effort to fight against the disease.
All schools in 63 localities nationwide were closed last week until further notice to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.
Many higher educational facilities nationwide announced to allow students to stay at home till February 23 for fear of coronavirus spread.
Deputy Head of Industry University in Ho Chi Minh City Dr. Phan Hong Hai said that the school mangers agreed that school remained closed in the wake of the coronavirus. Plus, 45 students hailing from the Northern Province of Vinh Phuc, the hotspot of COVID-19, are pursuing learning in the school.
Many of Vinh Phuc students are living in the school’s dorm; therefore, in case that they are infected with the deadly virus, the situation will be worse. As a result, the school managers decided to close the school one more week as precautionary measures.

By Phan Thao - Translated by Dan Thuy

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