Ministry orders to tighten student pick-up service

In its document to departments of education and training, the Ministry ordered to tighten student pick-up service for students’ highest safety.


Ministry orders to tighten student pick-up service

The Ministry’s document said clearly that there has been incidents for students while using the pick-up service especially the death of a six-year-old schooler who was neglected in school bus for hours causing public concerns.
To remedy the issue for students’ safety in using pick-up school bus offered by schools, directors of departments of education and training must direct preschool and high schools to organize fresh courses of traffic safety for teachers and students with the emphasis on safety regulations and emergency skills while on vehicle.
Additionally, schools offering pick-up service should select certified transportation companies and drivers must be good ethical person and skillful in communicating with students and parents.
Schools and students’ families must sign contract of the service in which write clearly schools’ responsibilities to students’ health and safety. Schools must assign experienced teachers to pick up schoolers.
Moreover, head teachers must manage schoolers by informing families about students’ absence in schools without clear reason.
Principal or school legal representative must be held accountable for student pick-up service and safety of students. They should regularly exchange information of service quality and teachers’ and drivers’ responsibility to learn from experience as well as set up a hot line to receive parents’ opinions.
Moreover, school managers must work with local administrations to keep traffic order around schools’ premises for students’ safety.
The departments of education and training liaise with traffic safety bodies, departments of transportation and competent agencies to supervise implementation of law and transportation contract between schools and bus companies.
Before, on August 14, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in his dispatch ordered to implement a month-long safety transportation month for students”. Under the dispatch, schools must intensify training and skill for students while driving as well as regulations in driving electric vehicles.

By staff writers - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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