166 good ethnic minority students to be praised

At its press brief yesterday, the Committee for Ethnic Affairs announced a ceremony to honor 166 excellent students from ethnic minority groups nationwide.

166 good ethnic minority students to be praised

The organizers said that this year is the first year 166 college students and students of high education facilities will be praised.
They are from Muong, Nung, Bana, Khmer, Thai, Mong ethnic minority groups in 30 cities and provinces. The ceremony will be held in November 25 in Hanoi Opera House.
Of 166 students, 17 captured prizes of the 2018 national technology science competition; 94 won prizes in the national contest. Student Pham Ngoc Hung, from Muong ethnic minority group in the Northern Province of Thanh Hoa and student Hoang Trung Hieu from Tay group in the Northern Province of Lang Son passed the university entrance test with qualifying score of 27.
Additionally, 42 students graduated from colleges and universities with high marks.
This year, the Committee of Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Central Youth Communist Union have held the annual event for the sixth time to honor the studious tradition of the Vietnamese people as well as encourage students to overcome their difficulties to achieve success in studying and take part in social activities of their group.
At the ceremony, stories of students who get over their daily difficulties to gain success. The Committee said that students from disadvantaged villages in mountainous districts surmount their difficulties in life to pursue studying to make the province and the country better.

By PHAN THAO – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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